The beginning of all time, the first woman. The symbol of innocence, tabula rasa of the original sin, the cornerstone of femininity, the victim of absolute evil- she is significant enough to break down the absolute good.
Eve is not solely a female person, but a true mystery and an important archiotype. The essence of purity in Eve is carried onto the broach design directly- the piece is spectacular yet simple.

Her story is only that of her mistake. This is why the white or the black center-piece skull is deprived of any additional accessory, it is only wrapped by the enamel snake with the legendary forbidden fruit, the snake which robbed Eve of eternal life but also granted her eternal fame.




enamel, silver


white rhodium



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Diana Dzhanelli speaks about the collection:

“I have always wanted to be a jeweler who matches the unmatchable. And so I produced a \\\’dead end\\\’ line of jewelry about \\\’infinity\\\’- it has only eight items , all sculptured fantasy broaches.
Each broach is a tribute to a great woman, who is entitled to her own privity \\\’infinity\\\’, post mortem. This is why each broach is sculpted around a carved skull.
I was always fascinated by individual nature of people who surround me, and lately, I was faced with exploring myself as well. Life teaches us that each of one of us is a book which writes itself, and yet we have no idea of the next chapter to come. However, sooner or later, someone will read that book, and a solid plot -is a gateway to infinity. I chose eight such plots.”