Jeanne d’arc

In only 19 years Joan of Arc managed to influence the course of history and to be become a symbol of female strength. She embodies a woman who is powerful to move through chaos, who can stand up and fight for her life, who is able to achieve her goal.
The base of the broach is shaped to form Joan’s armor. Covered with chain mail, this styling decision pays respect to european military uniform of the nineteenth century. There is also a second item which comes with the broach- a chain necklace. It can be worn solo or a broach can be placed inside as a center piece. Decorative elements and metal inlay are used to remind us – Joan was not only a warrior but also a young woman.


rhinestone, ruby




white rhodium


brooch, necklace


men’s, women’s

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Diana Dzhanelli speaks about the collection:

“I have always wanted to be a jeweler who matches the unmatchable. And so I produced a \\\’dead end\\\’ line of jewelry about \\\’infinity\\\’- it has only eight items , all sculptured fantasy broaches.
Each broach is a tribute to a great woman, who is entitled to her own privity \\\’infinity\\\’, post mortem. This is why each broach is sculpted around a carved skull.
I was always fascinated by individual nature of people who surround me, and lately, I was faced with exploring myself as well. Life teaches us that each of one of us is a book which writes itself, and yet we have no idea of the next chapter to come. However, sooner or later, someone will read that book, and a solid plot -is a gateway to infinity. I chose eight such plots.”