Mata Hari

In the beginning of 20th century, during the time of belle epoque and prevalence of femininity, Mata Hari famously became a spy. It wasn’t exactly a gesture of free will, yet regardless of circumstances, it was a sure sign that Mata had an exceptionally brave soul- she transformed her fight into a spectacular show.

The broach follows an eastern motive of Mata Hari’s costume: color palette reflects the tone of exotic gems, and the rhythm reminds us that she was primarily a dancer, and chose her jewelry accordingly.


cethrin, rhinestone




24K gold plated



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Diana Dzhanelli speaks about the collection:

“I have always wanted to be a jeweler who matches the unmatchable. And so I produced a \\\’dead end\\\’ line of jewelry about \\\’infinity\\\’- it has only eight items , all sculptured fantasy broaches.
Each broach is a tribute to a great woman, who is entitled to her own privity \\\’infinity\\\’, post mortem. This is why each broach is sculpted around a carved skull.
I was always fascinated by individual nature of people who surround me, and lately, I was faced with exploring myself as well. Life teaches us that each of one of us is a book which writes itself, and yet we have no idea of the next chapter to come. However, sooner or later, someone will read that book, and a solid plot -is a gateway to infinity. I chose eight such plots.”