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New collection by Dzhanelli, Dark Deco, follows precise geometrical forms of basic shapes: it is highlighted by bright color accents- bold and fabulous.
Diana Dzhanelli follows a line of strictly proportional deco design, yet she certainly integrates her personal touch by adding a quality of tactile confidence to each piece- the ergonomics is perfect, just as the sound a jewel makes when it touches the skin. Certainly, jewelry made by Diana is not only about form, volume, color and architectural reference, it is also about the music each piece makes in its own right.
The core of the collection if formed by combining basic shapes, which are produced from perfectly smoothed forms- circle, square, a basic line; the shine of solid metal, the feeling of how it glides on the skin, how cold and perfectly smooth it feels by touch. Collection consists of a  combination of onyx, rock crystal, emeralds, carnelian and pearls. The elements were chosen in contrast to one another- for instance, the depth of cool black onyx looks perfect next to transparent rock crystal, almost see through carnelian adds softness to the company of strictly guided geometry; emeralds add a blast of color.
Tactile quality is essential and a primary \\\’element\\\’ for Diana in all her collections. The earring tickles the neck to produce a suggestive sound, yes as one transforms the jewel to a shorter version- they become something completely \\\’else\\\’.
” It is important for me that my customer gains a field to freely express her desire. She can interact with the jewel and move it around, change the length, the degree of how formal it looks. I want the jewel to be a tool for expression, not just a complete thing in itself.” – says Diana about her transformer earrings.