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The ring is a question and everybody wishes to gift it and hear: «Yes. I will».
It’s a confirmation of love and proposal to spend the life together.
It’s a pledge to be together forever.

The silent bystander of spoken words will be on parade for the long relationship. And it’s so important to choose exactly «that» ring from all this variety. The ring which can mirror the whole love story: first meet, first kiss, and even the day that could have been the last one.
Dzhanelli Jewellery House offers to create an exclusive wedding band, you can choose setting, metal and of course the diamond on your tod.

It can be light and fault-tolerant titanium or silver-white platinum, that gorgeously emphasizes diamond shine, or traditional white, pink or yellow gold.
Gemologists of the House will help to choose a needed stone and understand the criteria of its evaluation: clearness, caratage, gem-cutting and color. Every middle diamond in Dzhanelli Jewellery House jewels has GIA international expert on precious stones evaluation certificate (Gemological Institute of America).

A unique ring made by the beloved man becomes extrinsic value.