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Mainau, the legendary island of flowers, is located at Lake Constance at the border of three countries – Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Tropical and Mediterranean flowers were planted there back in the mid-19th century, and today the island can boast of the largest collection of orchids in Europe and other exotic plants.

This unique flower paradise inspired the new collection of jewellery by Dzhanelli Jewellery House. Collection TOXIC is dedicated to tropical flowers and is made of noble titanium which due to the use of special technologies has acquired the shades of exuberant tropical flora: from delicate pink to emerald green. Precious and semiprecious stones of various colors and forms are used in the jewellery: topaz, amethyst, emerald. There is a flower to every taste in the luxurious garden of Dzhanelli Jewellery House.

Specifically for the collection presentation, the brand jeweller Diana Dzhanelli in cooperation with the fashion agency Finery will present the amazing post-apocalyptic world where people survive, the background being the mysterious tropical forest: all colors are brighter, all desired are escalated, but the unquenchable thirst for beauty remains the same.