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mountain crystal, topaz



Family Cut Glass

Sparkling childhood memories in the parlance of the Jeweller\\\’s art

Jeweller Diana Dzhanelli from Moscow thought up one more way to “carry all what you have with you”. Nowyou can put the nostalgia on family feast from childhood on your finger in a happy hour and then you can put it back in the jewel-box.

The main theme of the collection “Family Cut Glass” are effects of light on the holiday glass which was holily got by our moms and grandmoms from the closet before Christmas feast. Diana remembered of a brief pre-holidayglory: before getting full of traditional sweets on the table, empty clean and sparkling cut glass filled the kitchen with light for a while.

The jewelers of Dzhanelli Jewellery House imprinted also the end of the feast:
jewellery with the central diamonds of golden or brown color are aimed to remind of empty crystal wineglasses and shot glasses, with the last drop of sparkling wine or cognac on the bottom. A lot of stars in the collection are atribute to Christmas theme of winter holidays as well as a rosette of the crystal planes’ convergence.

The collection also has got jewellery with fancy rock crystal inserts, made like a side of Soviet salad bowl. Especially before Christmas a holiday version of lacy choker from the regular collection
is issued. The choker is of creamy-white color with a carved clear cabochon. The jewelers used clear diamondsas well as white sapphires in the pave, as of the most festive gem-cutting “briolette”. This gem-cutting was used for spectacular chandeliers earrings, made like antique chandeliers, as well as for a massive ring in Dzhanelli Jewellery House recognizable style. The main material is a Diana Dzhanelli’s favorite one – silver.