О Dzhanelli украшения Dzhanelli Jewellery House

DZHANELLI JEWELLERY HOUSE is a brand for intellectual jewellery where each jewel is a particular masterpiece. We strongly believe that every person is a unique personality with a deep inner world. For those people we create challenging jewellery that emphasize, change and expand the unique and special “Me”.

Мы верим, что каждый человек — это уникальная личность с ярким внутренним миром.

The best jewellers’ team works on DZHANELLI JEWELLERY HOUSE collections. We create daily luxury pieces thanks to up-to-date technologies as well as secrets of the traditional jewellery art. The diversity of the design will satisfy every fastidious taste.

О Dzhanelli украшения Dzhanelli Jewellery House

DZHANELLI JEWELLERY HOUSE was founded by a talented professional jeweler Diana Dzhanelli in 2010 in Moscow. At 20 Diana joined Moscow Jewelry Fabric (the biggest and the oldest in the country jewelry maker) and at 21 she became a Creative Director and a Head of her own Experimental Department with 100 employees.

Dzhanelli works with silver, gold, platinum and titanium, incrusting them with precious and semi-precious gems and enamel. She also experiments with coatings: alongside with traditional rodhium and gold platings Diana uses patina and anodizing. During 4 years Dzhanelli Jewellery House has released 11 jewelry collections. Russia’s leading luxury operator in Tsum Moscow exclusively presents most of them.

Человек это уникальное создание,
произведение искусства. Феномен человека остается единственным вдохновением
Дианы Джанелли.

One of the strongest sides of the brand is a “general idea” absence which would unite different collections. This approach is based on our believe that the person is an unique creature, a masterpiece. The phenomenon of the person is a single inspiration for Diana Dzhanelli and that means jewellery with DZHANELLI JEWELLERY HOUSE stamp is a sign for respect and admiration of the personality.