111 SIN Dzhanelli Jewellery House and Yakubowitch created a SIN collection SIN is a collection of jewellery accessories made by Dzhanelli Jewellery x Yakubowitch, which creation was inspired by the performance “The Picture of Dorian Gray” of M.N.Yermolova Theater. The first special collaboration of two soul mates includes silver accessories in the neo-gothic style: cigar case, cigar-holder, hair clip, as well as medal pendant for two pictures. The collection has got a laconic name “SIN”. The name should be pronounced not with the judgement note, but with the aspiration, because the sin of the designers is love.  All items show a handsome piece of work, are handmade from silver with the enamel, onyx and amethysts and are a making of the fully realized collaboration of Yakubowitch and Dzhanelli Jewellery House brands “SIN” was presented to the public after the performance “The Picture of Dorian Gray” in the M.N.Yermolova Theater for the first time. The theater background is not circumstantial, last year Diana Dzhanelli and Oleg Menshikov already created a lot for theme-based jewellery “Tverskaya, 5” dedicated to the anniversary of the Yermolova Theater. Among the guests who appreciated the performance and “SIN” collection were Angelika Timanina, Elena Letuchaya etc. The art director Oleg Menshikov also relished the opportunity to see the jewellery together with the artists. Diana Dzhanelli: A year ago Oleg Menshikov and me created a collection of jewellery “Tverskaya, 5” dedicated to the anniversary of Yermolova Theater. I feel pleased that Oleg approached me with this uncommon proposal. There is a lot of various collaborations in the fashion industry, but I got lucky to collaborate with the theater and create an up-scale collection to its 90th anniversary. I was one of the first ones who got lucky. The theater is a Golconda of the inspiration. I visited the performance “The Picture of Dorian Gray” with Oleg Menshikov as Lord Henry and got an idea of a new collection “SIN” creation, подарил that was brought to life together with Olga Yakubowitch. The name of the collection is not circumstantial, I mean, Dorian Gray’s fate is a modern story of success and descent, big money and extreme risk, superhuman beauty and mental deformity.  
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