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«Diamonds are a girl’s best friend»
«Shine bright like a diamond»
«Diamonds are forever»
It sounds like mantra for every girl. Who doesn’t know these words? Who doesn’t like diamonds’ shine? Who won’t be fascinated with the cold shine of these witnesses of Earth’s birth?

Million years in the earth\\\\\\\’s depths gave knowledge and power to these stones. The human being is not able to get along with it but strains after it and wishes to possess it. He/she wishes to possess the precious stones.

Just Diamonds collection demonstrates diamonds’ magnificence. Laconic stud earrings, pendants, rings and cuffs are garnished with diamonds’ strips. Minimum of the precious metal. Spotlight on diamonds. Diamonds only.

The quality of every middle stone in Dzhanelli Jewellery House jewels is confirmed by GIA international expert on precious stones evaluation certificate (Gemological Institute of America).