Jewelry Warranty

All Dzhanelli Jewelry products are covered by a 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects ( ? ) from the date of purchase.
The warranty covers the manufacturing defects reviled as a result of a usual exploitation of the product and subject to the rules:

  • The product should not be disassemble and subjected to mechanical or thermal influences.
  • Don’t drop your jewelry onto a hard surface.
  • Avoid hostile environment and chemical reactive substances.
  • Avoid the effect of ultrasound on the jewelry.

We guarantee the secure fitting of the diamonds in our jewelry.
During all the warranty period the diamonds up to 3.0 mm in diameter that fell out of the product due to the factory defect can be reinstalled, the tacking defects will be corrected.
In case of loss of the diamond the company-manufacturer and the jewelry store may refuse the free replacement of the lost stone. The same rule applies to the cases when diamonds are suspected to be lost due to a mechanical exposure or to be pulled out deliberately.
The after-warranty service and repair of the jewelry will be done individually:

  • The restoration of the gloss and the original appearance of the product.
  • The restoration of the decorative and the protective covering of the product.
  • The repair of the product and the regulation of the movable connections of the product.
  • The replacement of the diamonds.