Pearl is a firm roundish education taken from sinks of some mollusks. It can be classified as a mineral of the class of organic connections. It is appreciated as a jewel and it is used for production of jewels.The pearl is formed in a mollusk sink as a result of the penetration of some extraneous subject (a grain of sand, etc.).

Usually pearls are white, sometimes cream or pink; you can also meet blue pearls, yellow, green, black and even grey. Blue pearls are very rare, have high cost and appeal because of their rare, blue, lead-colored shade.

With the beginning of the XX century pearl is produced not only in nature, but is also cultivated commercially (first of all in Japan). Pearls from the pressed sinks are located in the pearl oyster. Then the mollusks come back into the water. In some time the beads covered with layers of nacre are taken out.

The production of sea pearls is conducted mainly in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, and also at the coast of Sri Lanka and Japan where it is extracted by divers ама. The fresh-water pearls are extracted in Germany, Russia, China and the countries of North America.

The Valuation of pearl

  • the color
  • the shine
  • the thickness of the pearl — layer
  • the form
  • the purity
  • the size

Pearl promotes clairvoyance, saves from evil eye, gives its owner the ability to think impartially, to avoid rash actions, strengthens faithfulness and love. It also swallows pride, gives obedience and constancy.