sapfir-01Sapphire (from  Greek σάπφειρος (sappheiros) a dark blue jewel, also can be from Hebrew ספּיר‎ (sapir) or the Persian name with the same value) — one of the versions of the mineral of corundum, a jewel of different shades.

Blue sapphires are the most valuable representatives of this family. The jewels from Burma (nowadays Myanmar), Kashmir (India) and Thailand (their color is closest to pure spectral blue color — to so-called «cornflower-blue» color) are appreciated most of all.You can meet sapphires of other colors — yellow, pink, orange-red and green. Such sapphires are called  «fantasy sapphires» or Fancy.Large sapphire fields are situated in Russia, India, USA, Vietnam, Australia, Burma, Thailand, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, China.

There also exists a type of sapphire called the “star sapphire”. Its facet in cabochon style reveals the effect of a three- or a six-beam star.

The colors of sapphires:

  1. Bright — blue
  2. Normal – blue and middle — blue
  3. Light — blue


Sapphire is considered to be the jewel of fidelity, modesty and chastity. Sapphire protects its owner from perfidy and fear, saves from heart diseases and poisons, clears the blood. This jewel gives  power, helps in travel and business trips. It is not recommended to  weak-willed and inactive people, as it may  deprive any  initiative.