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One of the most challenging quests for modern jewelers of the 21tst centurу is to free the gem from the burden of its cast, to minimize the amount of metal so that the jewel appears \\\’naked\\\’ on skin. Only in this case nothing takes away from the natural beauty of the stone.
The most famous jewelry houses seek the ultimate \\\’invisible cast\\\’ for this purpose precisely,  just as that same purpose evokes the search for simple and clear stone combinations. We chose a different path- we striped the stone of its cast completely.

Dzhanelli Jewellery presents the collection Naked Diamonds – Bare diamonds – transparent gems without a cast, rose cut diamonds that touch the skin like a dew drop – you feel only the stone, the sensation from the touch of the cool and precious facet.
Nothing compares to flawless beauty of Nature\\\’s creation. Naked diamonds, clear like a teardrop, are an example of pure perfection that surely doesn\\\’t need an additional burden of design. Appreciate and enjoy the diamonds in their natural excellence: try them as a necklace or a ring or any other possible chain.